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New: Taste and enjoy!

101 Whiskies offers a unique and comprehensive overview of this fascinating drink. With information on aroma, flavor and finish, and accompanied by appealing photographs, 101 whiskies from a wide range of countries are presented. All whiskies professionally tasted and described in a nuanced way with information on aroma, flavor and finish.

The perfect aid for a group tasting!
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101 Whiskies: Content101 Whiskies: Bowmore101 Whiskies: Glenmorangie101 Whiskies: Talisker
More information about Just Style!

Tips about fashion and styling!

Just Style shows, with numerous case studies from the world of fashion and celebrities, what makes a successful look. This handbook to style will appeal not only to women considering a radical change in their style, but also to those who simply want to cultivate their look.

Shopping tips for the ideal basic wardrobe!
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Just Style: ContentJust Style: ColorJust Style: FacesJust Style: Online Shopping
Vegan Smoothies

Make your life even greener!

No matter if you have smoothies for breakfast, during your lunch break, or just as a fruity afternoon treat, the recipes of vegan smoothies collected in this book will not only bring you all benefits of a vegan diet — energizing; strengthening; calming; brain and immunity boosting; healthy heart; anti-aging and vitality.

Natural and energizing drinks for all tastes!
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