Bruno Klein
Bruno Klein (Photo © SFB804/Nick Wagner)


The author of Gothic, Bruno Klein, studied art history in Berlin, Paris, Cologne, and Bonn. In 1983 he received a doctorate from the FU of Berlin with a dissertation on the beginnings of French High Gothic architecture. He was a scholar at the Department of Art History in Florence and an academic assistant in Göttingen, where he habilitated in 1991 with a paper on Italian Romanesque architecture and sculpture.

Bruno Klein is a member of the Saxonian Academy of Sciences and Humanities, and Head of the Commission of the Academy for the Art History of Central Germany. His research focuses on Medieval art and the history of architecture from Antiquity to the present day. In particular, Bruno Klein highlights the role of communication processes in both the conception and creation of artworks as well as in their medial distribution.


Baroque by Rolf Toman, Bruno Klein and Achim Bednorz

Visual Art of the Middle Ages. 1140 - 1500

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Ars Sacra by Rolf Toman and Achim Bednorz

Christian art and architecture from the early beginnings to the present day

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